Boar Sausage

Boar Sausage

The wild boar sausage is typical Tuscan cold cut, produced with accurately selected and degreased  wild boar meat and a portion of pork. The pork meat is used to make the product sweeter and the texture softer.

To produce the Wild Boar Sausage the meat is ground rather thin, then, salt and a mixture of spices, like pepper and garlic are added.

When the mixture is ready it is stuffed in a natural casing and subsequently bound in a small roll, approximately five centimetres; a brief hot drying phase, the wild boar sausages are hung in a well ventilated room to mature. Because of the sausages small calibre, this product does not require a long maturation and is ready to be eaten after 3-5 weeks of seasoning.

The taste of Wild Boar Sausage is very marked, intense and fragrant, a delight for the lovers of wild meat.