Lard Cream

Lard Cream

The cream of lard is made from lard that has already undergone salting and ripening period in brine and is then ready to be consumed, to produce it you take parts of lard almost completely lacking in thin and remove the rind, the grind is very fine and in the mix, adding various spices including garlic, pepper, Rosemary, chili, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon.

The cream of lard can be used in many ways: you can just spread it on bread, preferably hot to make bruschetta, croutons, tigelle, etc…but it can also be used for lacquering roasts in the oven, brush on meat as fillet, chicken breast, grilled before letting it dissolve a teaspoon in the oil before frying the egg, use it as a basis for making the sauce for pasta sauces


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